• History of Pets – The Abyssinian Cat

    Abyssinian Featured Image

    Abyssinian cats are fearless! Especially when it comes to heights. This breed loves climbing and are not afraid of taking on heights that would leave us humans feeling a little bit dizzy. Their active nature keeps them sleek and slim, and they are happiest with some friends around, be it dogs, other cats or their…

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  • History of the Africanis – shaped by Africa, for Africa

    History of Pets The Africanis

    The unique and resilient Africanis breed is the result of both physical and mental adaptation, as prescribed by the harsh African ecology. Historically, they were not bred for their physical features, but rather for their cleverness and ability to adapt. Having survived for centuries on their wits the Africanis has an evolved instinct for self-preservation….

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  • #GotchaDay – remembering the first day


    Do you remember the first time you locked eyes with your furry pal? We’re looking for that first ever picture taken of you and your beloved companion. Yes, we’re talking about the one Facebook brings up every year as a memory – and you keep sharing it, because the world needs that cuteness. Look out…

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    Calendar Pets February Theme

    #CalendarPets is back, and this time we’re asking you to break out the crayons, paint, pencils, Photoshop, Illustrator – or whatever medium you prefer to get creative with – because it’s time to create some art! We create so many memories with our furfriends. The fun you have together and the adventures you share. We’d…

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  • 2018 #CalendarPets Download

    Calendar Pets 2017 Download

    If you enjoyed the monthly 2018 #CalendarPets competition as much as we did, we’re sure you’d like to get a copy of the calendar featuring the winning entries. To download a copy to print for yourself at home, click here. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our 2019 Calendar theme, to submit your…

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