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More than just a pretty face, Adré Müller is a lifestyle blogger, the owner of GOSH (a non-profit organisation) and the owner of permanent makeup and paramedical aesthetics salon, Adré Müller Aesthetics (AMA).

And, as if her hands weren’t full enough, she’s also the Fashion and Animal Editor for BELLA Tydskrif, wife to Brett and fur mom to Jonty, their mixed Pomeranian. With all this under her belt, we thought we’d sit down with this dynamic South African blogger to find out more about her and her gorgeous pooch.



I’m a small-town girl, Mpumalanga born but I’ve been living in Pretoria for the past 12 years. I have a degree in BA Drama and a Postgrad in Early Childhood Development. In 2016, I had the opportunity to realise my dream of being a full time writer and today, I believe I can say that all my dreams have come true.

I believe we create our own happiness and I’ve always said: “Be the person your pet believes you are”. My dog, Jonty, thinks I’m pretty amazing. I also have a passion for improving other people’s lives and I think that’s a very good reason to get out of bed.


I honestly think it found me! On several occasions, I was asked by a number of brands to be their brand ambassador so I thought, “why not?” and decided to join social media. Having a strong presence on social media gave me a platform to give these brands exposure and showcase my own abilities. I also enjoy writing and I now have a platform for my opinions. I believe it’s better to give your opinion than to go with the flow.


I have a passion for enriching the lives of others and I love beautiful things. This inspired me to open my own salon. Enhancing the inner beauty of women has always encouraged me. Woman can be so mean to each other and we question ourselves daily. My salon is the one place where women can come to relax, recharge their batteries and have no sense of guilt or judgement. I believe in natural healing and using what you have while working with a woman’s strong features, I’m not fond of injections, fillers, Botox etc. and that is why skin needling offers a healthy and self-rejuvenation option to people like me.



Maintaining a healthy work-life balance sounds easier than it is. However, my husband, Brett and I don’t have children yet so I have some extra time. Brett is also an absolute gem around the house and we share the chores – he cooks and I do the dishes.

I believe the key to balance is communication. Keeping things to yourself makes you burn out but when everything’s out in the open, there can only be balance.


Never give up on your dreams, it took me 10 years to get to where I am but there’s still have so much I want to achieve. Be humble in everything you do, thank God always because your greatness comes from his grace and never burn your bridges because you don’t know who you might need along the way.



I’ve always dreamt of becoming a vet, but working with blood was a little too much for me. I do a lot of charity work for shelters and I am also the very proud brand ambassador for non-profit organisation, All Hearts Foundation. The All Hearts Foundation Founder, Lexi Austen, has fostered a pack of wolves and now we are in desperate need of donations and sponsorship for food and safety for these beautiful creatures.

Through my charity work, I feel that I can live out my animal dreams. I want to be a voice for animals and I still dream of working at a sanctuary one day, or being a humanitarian like Leonardo Dicaprio (I have so much adoration and respect for the awareness he is creating and that he is using his platform to better the lives of others).



Jonty found me when I lost someone very dear to me and filled every piece of sunshine in my heart that I lost. Jonty catches all my silent tears, he brightens up every gloomy day, he is my running partner, my blogger pal and my bodyguard.

His mom (me), then his Dad (Brett) and his two soft toys that he sucks on while sleeping – a habit he’s had since a puppy.



Jonty sleeps in bed with us so, he has a bath and shave once a month. Jonty is also a very fussy eater so, in addition to his regular meals packed with protein and calcium, we give him Montego Karoo small breed puppy as well as Bags O’ Wags Crunchies in Sweetie flavour or Bags O’ Wags Chicky Chewies as a treat for good behaviour.



Jonty has his own account on Instagram (@jontyislove) and the social media community just love him. Jonty loves the camera and I enjoy putting videos of him on social media as well as his cute photos. A year ago, he had a very big operation and I had to create groups to keep his followers updated on his progress as well. He is a very loved little man.



Book: Always the Bible and BELLA Tydskrif.
Food: Sushi.
Music: P!nk’s latest album, Beautiful Trauma.
Pastime: Braai with my husband, series and Instagram.
TV programme: Master Chef, American Housewife, America’s Got Talent, The Fixer and Prison Break (I’m addicted to my series).



I wish I could say: “Swimming with Dolphins in Dubai, discovering a cure for an incurable disease, saving Rhino’s, opening a shelter and funding All Hearts Foundation”. But for now, I just want people to see me like Jonty sees me, tomorrow I want to be a better person than I was today, I want God and my family to be proud of me and I want to be the reason someone says: “Because of you I did not give up”.

If you’d like to keep up with Adré, then follow her on Instagram @meetmrsmuller or read her blog here:

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