• Chews Your Own Adventure Finale

    CHEWS YOUR OWN ADVENTUREAt the beginning of 2017, we asked for your help in our ‘Chews Your Own Adventure’ DIY story. From the beginning, you helped us choose every detail of the story, from what our adventurer looked like, to who found her as well as choosing her destiny in her dreamland jungle adventure. But now our story has ... Read more
  • Help name our Bags O’ Wags mascots

    Bags O' Wags Our Bags O’ Wags range has a treat for even the fussiest of dogs, even those flashy dogs, like our Bags O’ Wags mascots. But each of these little fellas don’t have names. Help us name our wagtastic friends by voting for one of the options provided on our Facebook page and you could win ... Read more
  • Subject Matter

    Subject MatterAlthough, there are many important aspects that make a good photograph, interesting and engaging subject matter will add genuine meaning to your photographs. This guide explores the significance of subject matter and how to showcase it.The most important element of a good photograph is the subject. If you’ve got a great subject, the composition, lighting, ... Read more
  • The PFI and what it means for you

    PFI (300x300) Our commitment to deliver safe, nutritious and delicious products to South African pets, is reinforced by our membership with the Pet Food Industry Association (PFI) of South Africa. It’s an affiliation we’re proud of, which is why Montego Pet Nutrition, and other member brands, display the PFI logo on our bags – as this provides further ... Read more
  • Action Photography

    Action Photography You don’t need to be a professional or own professional equipment to take a good action shot. What you do need is to know how to use your camera – this goes for smart phone camera apps as well as conventional cameras. Spend some time learning how to adjust your camera’s settings and features so ... Read more
  • Live Well. Eat Well. Karoo.

    01411-MTGO-KAROO-POS-–-PROMO-PAGE---ICON-RKaroo is scientifically formulated, super-premium nutrition that caters for the advanced needs of dogs at every life-stage. Read more
  • Natural Lighting in Photography

    Natural Lighting Whether using a smart phone or a professional camera, lighting is so essential to good photography that it’s almost more important than your equipment. In fact, the less sophisticated your photography setup – without lights, stands or a studio – natural light is your greatest ally. In this post we aim to shed a little ... Read more
  • How to store Montego dry food

    Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 9.40.27 AM Read more
  • Composition

    01388-MTGO-CALPETS17-FEB_THEME-V1 Read more
  • Catch-up with Tracy McQuarrie

    charity_15For some, the start of a new year is symbolic of a fresh new start at life. If you’re one of those people then sit back, relax and inspired by a catch-up we had with one of our favourite people, Tracy McQaurrie – founder of DogtownSA and BarkingMad. Tell us about the turning point in your ... Read more