A good way to assess a high-quality pet food is by its digestibility. Basically, the more digestible the food, the healthier it is. It means that it’s been prepared properly and that there’s nothing in it that shouldn’t be there. High digestibility means that more vital nutrients are absorbed from smaller quantities of kibbles, so your beloved pets require less food to meet their nutritional needs. As an added bonus – it also means less waste will end up on your lawn.
Digestible Pet Food
While the benefits vary, all our products have something in common – they’re all made from the finest available ingredients, combined in scientifically calculated proportions according to our patented recipes. Then they’re cooked to perfection, under optimum conditions in our world-class factory. It’s the Montego way and it’s the reason that all our foods are highly digestible, undeniably delicious for your pets and vet recommended too.