Why Is There Ash in Wet Cat Food?

Crude ash, unlike what many may believe, is not added to give bulk to the feed. Instead, it is important for the health of your pet. As explained by Ryan Gellis at PetCareRx in an article titled “Ash in Pet Food, Filler or Nutrient?”, ash consists of a combination of magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and other trace minerals. Ash or crude ash is thus the technical term to describe the total mineral content in the wet cat food.

Taking a closer look at what makes up the crude ash provides us with insight as to how important it is to see it listed on wet cat food labels. Gellis also explains that magnesium, for instance, is an essential mineral in the diet of animals. It helps to ensure proper muscle functioning, strong bone structures, and healthy teeth.

Cats are carnivores, so in nature, they consume considerable amounts of fish, meat, and bones. It is important to ensure that our pets follow diets that can provide the same and better nutrition than would have been the case had the animals still been wild. Good-quality wet cat food should contain a specific combination of minerals to provide optimal nutrition.

Even though the overall amount of ash is important, what is more important is the combination and content level of each individual mineral. The correct ratio of phosphorus and calcium is according to PetCoach’s article titled “Calcium and Phosphorus Requirements for Dogs”, for instance, required for bone growth, in order to prevent incorrect bone formation.

It is thus about the combination more than just the overall content level. You may even find that some pet food contains chelated minerals. This simply means that the inorganic minerals (ash) have been combined with organic matter, such as amino acids as explained by Doctors Foster and Smith’s article “Chelated Minerals: Effect on Absorption from the Digestive Tract”. When reading the ash content level, you thus have to consider whether chelated minerals have been used, what combination of minerals, and how much of each mineral is present. You also need to consider whether it is for a kitten or adult cat.

When you see ash or crude ash as part of pet food, you therefore have the assurance that your pet’s mineral requirements are met.

Which Brand?

Our food is made locally from high-grade quality meats, and scientifically formulated to ensure the correct balance of nutrients for optimal pet health.

Our Classic range for adult cats and kittens offers delicious nutrition. You can choose between tender chicken in gravy or Atlantic salmon in jelly for adult cats, and tender chicken and rice in gravy for kittens. The moisture content of the wet cat food helps to keep your pet hydrated and thereby lower the risk of urinary tract infections. The products are prepared according to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. When you buy from our Classic wet cat food range, you buy from a brand widely recommended by vets, because we are committed to quality and ensuring optimal nutrition for pets in South Africa.

If you have any other questions regarding wet cat food, fell free to contact us.



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