Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Brand of Dry Dog Food

Choosing the right brand of dry dog food can seem like a daunting task. However, consideration of the factors below will help you to make an informed buying decision, ensuring you buy from a brand committed to attaining the best balance and quality in each product delivered.


Pets require balanced diets to stay healthy and strong. Foods that are difficult to digest lead to waste, as important nutrients are lost. Pets have to consume more to get proper nutrition, but instead of the food providing balanced nutrition, it can sometimes lead to obesity, as more fat is absorbed. Improperly balanced food can also lead to more pet waste on the lawn. Although it may seem as if the pet gets adequate nutrition, the animal has to eat more to get the required nutrition to stay healthy. The larger part of the meal is thus not absorbed.

Highly digestible food is best for the animal. This means more nutrients are absorbed faster through smaller quantities, ensuring that the pet’s nutritional needs are met, whilst less waste on the lawn is an added benefit. Choose a brand of dry dog food that is committed to balanced and appropriate nutrition for the breed, size, and age of the animal.


It is easy to claim that a particular product is best for pets in marketing campaigns, but what is considered best? The ingredients list is indicative of the proportions of ingredients and the energy provision that can be expected. The producer should only use the finest ingredients, as quality over quantity is essential in creating balanced nutrition. The producer should also follow standardised procedures to achieve consistency in quality and balance.

Only the best quality raw materials should form part of the product. Look for a dry dog food manufacturer that is committed to only using ingredients that are fit for human consumption. The raw materials should be A-grade quality and suitable for your own pantry.

The preparation method is equally important. The product must be prepared under the best conditions for hygiene and safety in the factory, according to the requirements of relevant safety and manufacturing standards. As such, a scientific process must be followed to determine and ensure the correct proportions of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Suitability for a Particular Climate

A pet in the UK requires more fat for energy, whilst one living in South Africa requires less because of the higher average temperatures experienced across the country. The formulation of the product must thus provide a lower fat content, as required for pets living in South Africa. Avoid products with unnecessary extras that add to the cost of the product. What is best for the animal is a dry dog food manufactured locally with the relevant ingredients and combination thereof to ensure optimal health for the pet.

The manufacturer should show commitment to the delivery of safe and nutritious products. Look for a dry dog food manufacturer that is a member of the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI), since membership requires accountability with regards to quality nutrition and ethical conduct. The PFI logo is displayed on the dog food packaging. It provides the assurance that the product has been prepared according to relevant industry standards for safety and quality.

The FSSC 22000 is based on the requirements of the family of ISO standards. Buy from a dry dog food manufacturer that complies with the requirements of the FSSC 22000. Certification is not easily obtained, so a manufacturer that meets the annual verification audits is committed to safety, consistency, and quality. Certification means that the manufacturer must have a compliant food safety management system in place that meets the requirements of some of the best standards for such in the world.

Only buy dry dog food from a manufacturer that is able to produce documented proof of compliance with pet food manufacturing, and health and safety standards. All the ingredients must be traceable to the original sources.

Locally Produced

Buying from a brand based in South Africa means contributing to the South African economy. It, however, also implies cost savings. Importation is associated with shipment fees, customs duties, delays in product deliveries, and warehouse storage costs. These costs add to the price of the dry dog food. It is thus best to buy from a local manufacturer that sources ingredients locally.

Which Brand to Buy?

Montego Pet Nutrition meets the above requirements. With our manufacturing plant located in Graaff-Reinet, we provide employment to our South African community. In addition, all the ingredients that we use are traceable to their source. We are a member of the PFI and display the logo on our products. In addition, we are FSSC 22000 certified and only use quality ingredients.

We know you only want what is best for your animals and as such, each dry dog food product from our brand is balanced for dogs living in South Africa, with a focus on digestibility and relevancy for the particular stage of the pet’s life, as well as the specific breed.


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