• History of Pets – Ragdoll Cat

    Quick Ragdoll Cat Facts: Ragdolls are a relatively new breed in the kitty kingdom. Ragdolls were “created” in 1963, their origin credited to Ann Baker, a breeder from sunny California, USA. The cat believed to be the original but unregistered Ragdoll, is a white cat named Josephine. Ragdolls are often referred to by their pet…

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  • History of Pets – Saluki

    With its refined demeanour, the Saluki is the embodiment of grace and speed. These sleek and silky-coated ‘sight-hounds’ – which means they hunt by sight as opposed to relying on other senses – may appear aloof to strangers but are in fact loyally devoted, preferring to stay at one’s side rather than lounging on a…

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  • History of Pets – Maine Coons

    Maine Coons are the gentle giants of the cat world with females growing from around 8-35cm tall, weighing around 4.5-6kg and males 25-40 cm’s tall, reaching around 6-9kg. Interestingly, the Guinness World Record for world’s longest domestic cat was held by Stewie, an 8-year-old Maine Coon who grew to be 123.19cms from head to tail,…

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    The Rhodesian Ridgeback or “Ridgie”, as they’re affectionately known in the canine community, gets its name from area of Africa where they originate from, as well as the distinctive patch of hair running along its back. The Ridgeback is part of the hound family, bred to be a family guardian and hunter of lions, the…

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  • Are you up to the #Montegogram Challenge?

    Montegogram PhotoChallenge

    If you’re one of those folks with a keen photographic eye, then this challenge is for you! We’ve seen some amazing entries in our #Montegogram photo challenge on Instagram, and we want everyone to participate so we can see even more. Every month we present a new theme and it’s up to you to submit…

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