Why Buy Cat Food as Opposed to Preparing Home-Cooked Meals for Your Pet?

Why buy cat food as opposed to simply feeding your feline companion dog pellets, raw fish and meat, or home-cooked meals? For one, many foods that are suitable for dogs and humans are harmful to cats. The occasional eating from the dog’s dish will not cause harm, but a steady diet of dog food can cause your animal to become malnourished.

Dog food does not have the same ingredients and formulation as cat food. Rather buy scientifically formulated cat food from a trusted brand, such as Montego Pet Nutrition, to ensure that your feline companion gets the right nutrition.

Raw fish, meat, and eggs should be avoided, since such can contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Raw fish holds even more danger. It destroys the essential vitamin B called thiamine as discussed in an article by Anthea Appel titled “Why Fish is Bad for Your Cat”, as published on Cats & Dogs Naturally. Lack of it in the diet can lead to neurological problems and even cause convulsions.

When you buy cat food from a reputable brand, you have the assurance that the product is prepared in a hygienic environment, according to strict food safety standards. As such, the risk of the food containing harmful bacteria is eliminated. In addition, our cat food is formulated to ensure that it only contains ingredients that add to and sustain the nutritional health of your pet.

Feeding your pet the occasional scraps or treats from the table can cause harm. WebMD in the slideshow titled “Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat” explains the foods that are harmful to your feline companion. Accordingly, chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can be lethal, even in small dosages. It may be cute when your kitten takes a sip of soda or coffee, but caffeine is exceptionally harmful to pets. Indeed, in large quantities, it can be lethal to your kitten. The symptoms associated with caffeine poisoning include, but are not limited to, tremors, restlessness, muscle contractions, and heart palpitations.

Even a plate of milk every now and then can be bad for your cat. Many cats are lactose intolerant, so having milk and other dairy products form part of their diet can lead to diarrhoea and other digestive problems. You can provide your cat with lactose-free pet milk. Speak to your vet about the inclusion of such in the pet’s diet before you add it to the meal plan.

Foods you may not have considered harmful can cause problems. Onions in any form can break down your pet’s red blood cells, which can lead to anaemia. Garlic, chives, and onions often form part of stews. Thinking that it is fine to feed your pet the same food that you also consume is thus a mistake. The occasional piece of onion or dry powder will not cause long-term harm, but regular feeding of foods containing such is simply not wise.

What to Do?

Considering how many ingredients are harmful to your feline companion, it makes sense to buy cat food that is well balanced to ensure optimal nutrition. Cats need minerals for building bones and teeth. They require vitamins for vision and bone growth, as well as sustaining a healthy metabolism. The carbohydrates in the cat food you buy are included to provide the necessary fibre for healthy digestion and energy.

When you buy cat food, make sure that protein forms the main ingredient, as it is essential for organ development, muscle strength, strong nails, ligament health, and cartilage development.

Buy cat food from our ranges, and have the assurance of quality and the right combination of ingredients for balanced nutrition.


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