Canned Dog and Cat Food Versus Dry Kibble

Should you buy chicken or beef, dry or canned dog and cat food, or a combination? With so many options available, it can be a bit confusing. Some people base their choices on what advertisements state, others on recommendations by breeders, and others on veterinarian advice. So, should you choose canned food or dry kibble? Let’s consider both options to help you make your choice.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Canned Dog and Cat Food

Wet foods have extra juice, which is helpful for animals that don’t drink water as often as needed for good health. With our canned pet food, you get the added advantage of the ingredients being steam cooked in their own juices, thus providing maximum flavour and minimal loss of nutrient value. Since fluids are an essential part of staying healthy, the canned option is a good source of additional fluids.

If your pet is still small and struggles to eat kibble, then wet puppy or kitten food is perfect for introducing the pet to solid food. The food is soft and flavourful, giving the animal every reason to love meal times.

Senior pets that are older may also struggle to eat enough kibble to sustain their health. Supplementing with canned dog and cat food is a good way to ensure that their dietary needs are met. With the soft and juicy texture of the food, it is easier for the older animals to get their daily recommended portions.

Sick pets often lose their appetites or don’t have the strength to eat a full bowl of kibble. With the wet food option, you can help them to get the proteins, vitamins, and minerals they need to build up their strength.

It is also perfect for animals with poorly developed teeth, misaligned jaws, or ones that are missing a few teeth.

The drawbacks of canned pet food include that it is more expensive than dry kibble if fed on a daily basis, it has a short lifespan once opened, and it does not have the teeth-cleaning properties like the harder texture of dry kibble.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Kibble

Kibble has a long shelf life and even when the packet is open, it stays fresh for quite a while. It is economical, especially for larger breeds of dogs and cats, and can be left in the bowl for self-feeding while you are not at home. It is thus convenient, especially if you have several pets and work during the day. The texture helps with cleaning your pet’s teeth and the chewing action helps to exercise their jaws.

The kibble, however, does not have the same moisture content of canned food. But, you can combine the two by feeding your pet dry kibble during the day and wet food mixed in at night, or save the wet food for when they are sick or for special treats.

When you buy our brand, you are assured of high quality and a rich taste, regardless of whether you choose the dry or wet option. You can give your pets the best of both by feeding them kibble and canned dog and cat food.