Cat Food

Delicious Cat Food for Optimal Nutrition.

When it comes to cat food, you might already know that your feline companions sometimes don’t take lightly to compromises on quality and taste. Although they are rather forgiving of their owners when it comes to lack of understanding in terms of their unique language, they can be discerning when it comes to cat food.

What Does It Mean?

It simply means that your furry friends want delicious kibble that fills them up and provides them with the nutrients that cats need to ensure that they can enjoy healthy and active lifestyles. We understand their requirements and put in every bit of effort to ensure that our Classic range meets the digestibility, nutritional, and flavour requirements of cats in South Africa. To this end, we produce kibble to meet the dietary requirements of your pets according to their age.

Why We Use Real Meat and Fish

Your feline companions form an integral part of your family. Of course, you will not give quality food to some members of the family and compromise on the nutritional needs of others. To this end, we only use ingredients that will be just as in place in your fridge or pantry as the meat and fish you eat. You can thus expect real meat and fish when you buy cat food from our brand.

What Is the Ratio of Protein to Fat?

Our cat food contains 30% protein, 12% fat, and 5,5% fibre. The protein from meat and fish products provides nutrition for strong muscle development. The fat provides energy and flavour, while the fibre is necessary for digestive support.

Why Is Taurine Included?

Taurine is an essential amino acid. Cats require it as part of their diets to sustain good eye and heart health.

Why Is Cellulose Included?

Cellulose is a fibre that is present in vegetables. It helps with hairball management, as it aids in moving hair through the digestive system and thus prevents the build-up of hair in the digestive tract.

Why Are Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids Included?

Our cat food contains the above to ensure that their skin and coat are healthy.

Why the Increase in Sodium Content?

The increased sodium helps to encourage the drinking of water and to restrict the magnesium content in the urine. It also helps to maintain the pH levels in urine.

What Else Is Included?

Our cat food packaging provides a complete analysis of the ingredients. Some of the ingredients include vitamin C and E for healthy skin and immune system support, calcium for bone support, and moisture to help keep your pets well hydrated. With salmon oil, chicken protein, and approved antioxidants forming part of the cat food, your furry friends can get all the nutrition they need from their kibble.

Is There Something to Add Extra Flavour and Moisture?

Yes. We also offer you delicious wet food that can be served as a standalone meal or used to add extra flavour and moisture to the dry cat food.

Where to Get?

Use the store locator to find a retailer that stocks our brand of cat food.