Cat Food

Balanced Cat Food for Optimal Nutrition


Cats are carnivores, so proteins from meat and fish should thus be the foundation of their diets. To this end, we ensure that the cat food available from us is balanced to meet your feline companion’s dietary needs.


Below are the main ingredients of our Classic range of cat food:


  • Tuna or Chicken


Whether your pets enjoy the taste of fish or chicken, we have two exceptionally delicious flavours for adult cats. You can also feed them both to ensure that they have a bit of variety in their diets. For kittens, we offer delicious chicken.


  • Protein for Muscle Support


Since protein plays such a vital role in muscle development, our adult cat food contains a minimum of 30% protein. Cats jump, run, and play throughout their lives. They require muscle strength and as such, we ensure that the proteins they need are included in every scoopful of the Classic range.


  • Fibre for Digestion and Hairball Control


Help your pets to maintain regularity by feeding them balanced meals containing the right amount of fibre to keep their digestive systems healthy. Fibre is also essential for the management of hairballs. Our dry cat food contains 5,5% fibre. It contains cellulose, which is an essential part of vegetable fibre. The cellulose helps to move hair through the digestive system and thereby minimise the formation of hairballs.


  • Fat for Flavour and Energy


Fats are needed for taste and energy needed to keep them active. Our formulation includes 12% fat. The calories from the proteins are well balanced with the amount of fat included to ensure optimal weight management.


  • Taurine


This essential amino acid is included for heart and eye health support.


Wet Food


To supplement the dry food diet, we offer wet food. The ingredients are steam cooked to perfection in their own juices. With this method, we ensure that all the wholesome goodness of the proteins is kept. Wet food can be used as standalone portions or as a tasty addition to the kibble. With the moisture content of the wet food added to the kibbles, you can give your pets additional moisture in their diets.


Our Affordable Range


Apart from the Classic range, we also bring you Monty & Me for adult cats. It is as delicious as just about any of our products, but available at a lower price tag. It contains a mix of animal and vegetable proteins with cereals, fats, minerals, and vitamins to ensure that your pets stay healthy. The formulation includes omega-6 to keep their coats shiny. Filled to the brim with anti-oxidants, the formulation also helps to ensure healthy immune systems.


Why Buy Products from Our Brand?


We are a local manufacturer and, as such, our products are priced for the local market. This means good quality and taste at an affordable price. We only include high-quality ingredients and combine the ingredients to form the right balance. Our products are made for pets living in the warm climate of South Africa.


Our manufacturing plant meets the standards of the Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa, of which we are a proud and longstanding member. As such, you are assured of quality and safety in production. In addition, our food management system meets the certification requirements of the FSSC 22000 standard. Certification to the standard entails a stringent process for qualification and annual verification audits. This ensures that we continually improve our quality.

We have been around for a number of years and have an extensive range on offer. As such, we are able to meet your dog and cat food requirements. Our products are sold throughout South Africa, so it is easy to find stockists of our brands just about anywhere in South Africa.


Our products are manufactured with optimal digestibility in mind. This means that the ingredients work together to ensure the best possible absorption of essential nutrients. With such, you have the added benefit of your cats requiring less food to feel satisfied and to get the nutrition they need for good health.


For more information or to make a purchase, view our range of products and use the store locator to find a stockist near you.



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