Cat Food in South Africa

Why You Should Buy Our Cat Food in South Africa

When it comes to good-quality cat food in South Africa, our brand ticks all the right boxes. The kibble is prepared for pets living in the warm climate of South Africa, and each bag of kibble is prepared to ensure maximum digestibility and optimal nutrition.

We understand that flavour is important for feline companions. As such, every mouthful of cat food, available from us in South Africa, is prepared with flavour in mind. Of course, flavour is worth nothing if the kibble does not provide the right balance of nutrition. To this end, our products also do not disappoint.

We work alongside a leading authority on pet nutrition in South Africa, in order to ensure that our cat food formulation and production processes provide for the best possible nutrition and quality. Our food is balanced, delicious, fresh, and digestible.

Also, because we understand the importance of providing cat food to meet the life stage of the animal, we provide kibble for kittens and for adult cats.

What Goes into Our Cat Food in South Africa?

Our Classic range contains a blend of high-quality ingredients steam cooked in their own juices. The adult range in this product line contains 30% protein, 5,5% fibre, and 12% fat. We only include high-quality proteins that are suitable for human consumption. This means that you will be giving your pets the same quality of meats and fish as humans eat. We include protein from fish and chicken for strong bones and muscles.

The blend of protein, fat, and fibre is balanced to ensure optimal nutrition. The kibble also contains cellulose for hairball management. The formulation helps to ensure that your pets get cellulose (a natural fibre found in vegetables) to help move hair through the digestive system. As such, you could expect fewer hairball problems when your pets switch to our brand of cat food in South Africa.

Our formulation also includes 0,125% taurine, as it is an essential amino acid for a healthy heart and eyes. The cat food furthermore contains a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for optimal skin nourishment and a shiny coat.

Sometimes, cats do not drink enough water. This can lead to dehydration and health issues. To ensure that they drink enough water, our formulation contains more sodium. This makes them thirsty, thus urging them to drink more water. It also helps to maintain the correct pH balance. Fish oils, antioxidants, and a range of vitamins and minerals are included to create balanced meals.

The same quality goes into the kitten kibble. The kitten food is also made for cats living in South Africa. The amount of protein is higher because kittens are still growing and thus need additional bone and muscle support. The ratio is 32% protein, 25% single-grain source to support growth, and 13% fat for energy and flavour.

We provide wet cat food pouches as well. Add the wet food to the kibble for extra flavour, moisture, and nutrition.

View our range of cat food in South Africa and use the store locator to find a stockist near you.