Cat Food South Africa

The Benefits of Our Classic Range of Cat Food


True to our commitment to ensuring the best nutrition for pets in South Africa, we provide you with a superb range of cat food to give your feline companions balanced meals. We briefly look at some of the options available from us, as a reputable pet food manufacturer in South Africa.


Delicious Sauces to Make Every Meal Irresistible


Treating your cat to tasty cat food certainly puts you high on their list of people of importance. We make it possible to treat them and give them optimal nutrition at the same time. Our Sauce for Cats is available in mouth-watering delicious roast chicken and roast lamb flavours. The sauces contain 2,5% protein, 6% total fat, and 2% total dietary fibre.


Scrumptious Dry Kibble for Kittens


Kittens, playful as they are, require cat food that provides the energy requirements of growing cats. Our Classic Kitten range is scientifically formulated specifically to address the additional energy needs of kittens. Made with real meat and fish for optimal bioavailability and digestibility, the kibble consists of 32% protein for strong muscle development, 25% from a single grain source for healthy growth, and 13% fat for energy and flavour.


The formulation contains L-lysine for strong bone development, DL-methionine for hair protein synthesis, and L-carnitine for good fat metabolism and endurance. It also contains DHA, an important fatty acid, which kittens get from drinking their mother’s milk, as well as choline that supports retinal and brain health. The formulation also includes taurine, which is an essential amino acid for eye and heart health support.


Our cat food for kittens in South Africa is made specifically to address the energy and lifestyle requirements of pets living in the warmer climate of South Africa. To ensure that your kittens grow up with healthy skins and soft shiny coats, even if they spend many hours a day outside, we include omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for skin nourishment.


Adult Cat Food to Sustain Good Health


As with our kitten food produced in South Africa, we commit to ensuring superior-quality dry and wet cat food suitable for fully-grown and senior cats. The kibble contains all the goodness you can find in the kitten food at the appropriate ratios for grown cats.


Wet Food for Cats


If your pets do not drink enough water, they risk dehydration, which is something quite possible in the warm climate of South Africa. You can reduce the chance of this happening by adding wet food to their diets to ensure that they get the nutrition and moisture they need.


Give your pets balanced nutrition. View our product range and purchase the products that best suit the dietary needs of your pets.



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