Cat Feeding Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy

Vets have linked many common feline diseases to poor nutrition. The road to a healthier pet starts with buying balanced and nutritious cat food in South Africa.

The feline pet is a discerning eater. It is thus important to buy cat food that is tasty for your pet. Keep in mind that cats are carnivores, so what may seem like a healthy treat for you or even your dog, may be harmful to the health of your feline companion.

The cat food you buy should have the right balance between protein and fat. With higher temperatures experienced in South Africa, the pets living here require less fat in their diets than those living in Europe. As such, buying imported products is thus a mistake. Buy pet food that is manufactured in South Africa and therefore relevant to the local living conditions and climate.

Buy from a brand that is a member of the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa. Look for the PFI logo on the product, as this will show that the manufacturer meets the accountability, safety, quality, and hygiene requirements for the manufacturing of cat food in South Africa.

Apart from buying cat food from a reputable manufacturer, you also need to ensure correct feeding patterns.

In general, the size and age of the pet must be considered, in addition to their level of activity. According to a hand-out by the All Feline Hospital, as a rule of thumb, your pet requires about 200 calories per day. That said, the calorie count varies according to the brand of food you buy. It is best to view the feeding guidelines regarding the appropriate amounts from the specific brand.

Do not allow for over indulgence in treats. According to WebMD in their article titled “The Right Way to Treat Your Pet”, vets recommend limiting treats to a maximum of 10% of the cat’s daily nutrition intake. Pets World shares in their article “The Dangers of Over Feeding Your Pet” that over-feeding is a common problem. Although it may seem cute if the pet is overweight, it can be life threatening. Pets World shares in their article “The Dangers of Over Feeding Your Pet” that joint, heart, and liver problems are associated with over-feeding. Provide the correct nutrition at the right intervals and ensure that your pet stays healthy.

WebMD recommends in their slideshow “Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat” to stay clear from raw meats, as salmonella and other bacteria can lead to health problems. Cats are not omnivores and as such, you should stay clear from vegetarian diets. Buy appropriate treats and cat food scientifically formulated and produced in a hygienically safe environment, as available from Montego Pet Nutrition in South Africa.



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