How Nutrition Affects the Condition of Your Cat’s Coat

Cats have thousands of hair strands on their bodies. Estimates regarding the exact number vary, mainly because it depends on the breed and size of the animal. Fur serves to keep the animal warm, protects the animal against environmental conditions, and provides it with sensory awareness.

Various factors contribute to the condition of the coat, including age, weight, lifestyle, and nutrition. Poor nutrition has been linked to many common diseases in pets, and the condition of the coat can be indicative of an imbalanced diet. To keep your pet’s coat shiny and healthy, start by giving it well-balanced and scientifically formulated cat food from Montego Pet Nutrition in South Africa.

Does the food your cat eats contribute to its health or its weight?

Food that is difficult to digest can cause the pet to absorb less than what is required to stay healthy, as many of the essential vitamins and minerals are not provided. Imbalanced cat food can lead to weight gain. An overweight cat cannot reach all the parts of their body, and as such, the cat’s hygiene is compromised.

Although your cat requires fat, an imbalanced diet that is too rich in fat means the pet gets more fat than it uses. Buy cat food made specifically for animals living in the warmer climate of South Africa. Pets in Europe and other cooler parts of the world require more fat to keep their bodies warm. With our country’s warm climate, the animals require less fat. We therefore believe that it is essential to stay clear from imported food that is not specifically manufactured for the lifestyle and dietary requirements of animals living in South Africa.

Other factors also contribute to a dull coat. These may include dry winter air, allergies, parasites, over bathing, and the age of the animal. If your animal’s coat remains in a poor condition even though the cat receives premium-quality food, then it may be wise to have a veterinarian examine the pet.

Improve the condition of your pet’s coat with one of our ranges of pet foods. Our cat food is produced in South Africa from quality raw materials, which can be traced back to their sources. Our cat food is recommended by vets in South Africa and is made from A-grade quality ingredients fit for human consumption.


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