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What Cat Food Labels Should State


Cats are rather discerning eaters and, as such, flavour is extremely important. Apart from the cat food having to be exceptionally tasty, what should you look for when reading cat food labels?


The Order of Nutrients


The most prominent and important nutrient is normally listed first. If protein is not listed first, then it most probably isn’t the main ingredient. The order of nutrients is normally dependent on the percentage of the ingredient that forms part of the total weight.


Which Proteins?


Don’t settle for a listing that doesn’t state the source of the protein. If the manufacturer is proud of the quality of ingredients, you can rest assured that the protein sources will be mentioned. Buy cat food where the packaging states the exact source, for instance, turkey, lamb, chicken, etc. Our brand of dry kibble contains 30% protein and we list protein first. The protein is derived from chicken and fish. The fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, that are added in the formulation help to ensure a healthy coat and skin.


What Is the Fat Source?


Just as you want the protein source to be listed, look for the source of the fat content in the cat food. Our Classic range of adult cat food, for instance, contains 12% chicken fat for optimal energy and delicious flavour.


Taurine for Retinal Health


Taurine deficiency in cats can lead to health problems. It is thus important that the ingredient list of the cat food contains a percentage of taurine, as an essential amino acid for heart and eye health. The Classic range contains 0,125% taurine.


Fibre Content


Check whether the ingredient analysis indicates fibre percentage. The fibre is important for proper digestive health. Cellulose, which forms part of fibre, helps with the movement of hairballs through your pet’s digestive system. Our analysis on the package states 5,5% fibre.


The Importance of Nutrient Analysis


The manufacturer should state the percentage or total of specific nutrients, such as protein, fibre, and fat. You will find that our packaging meets the requirement because we adhere to strict standards for pet food production and packaging. In addition, we want you to make an informed buying decision.


Ingredients and Nutrients Are Not the Same


Apart from the nutrient analysis, the packaging should also indicate the ingredients. The ingredients are everything that makes up the cat food in the package.


Relevance to the Lifestyle or Age of the Pet


Since the dietary needs of kittens, adult cats, and senior adult cats differ, it is important that the packaging states for which stage of the lifecycle the food has been produced. This allows you to buy the appropriate cat food. Our kibble packaging also meets this requirement.


Manufacturer Details


Any food manufacturer that is proud of its product displays its name and company details with pride. It is also a requirement, since the manufacturer must be willing to take responsibility for its product. We are proud of our products because we take care regarding the right balance of nutrients, the quality of the ingredients, and the production and packaging. As such, you will find our brand name and details on every bag of cat food that we produce.


Feeding Instructions


Although you, as a pet owner, have the final say on how, when, and how much to feed your pet, you can benefit from feeding guidelines. Keep in mind, these guidelines are not set in stone and should not be seen as strict-to-follow instructions. If you are unsure about the feeding quantity and frequency, speak to your local vet.


Final Note


Look for labels that read “balanced cat food”, as you want the manufacturer to state such. If there is no statement to the effect, you have no guarantee that it is balanced. Our brand of Classic cat food meets all the requirements. The formula is scientifically researched to ensure nutritional balance and the food is prepared according to strict health and safety requirements. We steam cook the ingredients in their own juices with no water added, ensuring maximum flavour and optimal nutrition.


What Next?


View our range of cat food and select the one that is most appropriate to your pet’s age and lifestyle requirements. Every bowl of the Classic cat food provides for balanced and complete nutrition.



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