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What Is Highly Digestible Dog Food and Why Is It Important?


As important as palatability is to ensure that your canine companion enjoys his or her meals, even more so is digestibility. Indeed, if you want to know whether it is quality dog food, consider the digestibility. The more digestible, the better.


What Is Digestibility?


In the simplest form, it means that the dog food has been prepared in such a way so as to ensure that it doesn’t contain anything that shouldn’t be part of the ingredient list. It also means that the kibble is balanced to facilitate optimal absorption of vital nutrients. It comes down to your pet requiring fewer kibbles to get all the nutrition required to sustain good health, as opposed to pet kibbles with many fillers and low sustenance value. Of course, highly digestible dog food also translates into less waste on the lawn.


The digestibility of dog food comes from the combination of nutrients available for absorption from the intestine into the bloodstream of the animal. It is about the proportion of nutrients that reaches the tissues and becomes available for utilisation by the animal’s body. Highly digestible dog food thus makes it possible for your canine companion to get more nutrition with less effort. The higher the quality of the ingredients in the kibble, the more digestible and nutritionally valuable the food becomes.


3 Factors to Consider When Looking for High Digestibility


If you want to know how digestible a particular dog food product is, look at factors such as the formula used, the quality of the ingredients, and the preparation method.


The formula entails the balance and types of ingredients in the product. If the pet kibble contains various fillers that do not add real nutritional value, then your pet needs to consume more kibbles to get the same nutritional value as from food that has the right ratio of nutrients with nothing added that is not nutritionally valuable.


The quality of the ingredients is just as important. Protein can be derived from many sources, but when it comes to quality dog food, the proteins should mostly come from real meat and fish.


The way the product is prepared also plays an integral role in the nutritional value and digestibility. The nutritional value, digestibility, and bioavailability of the content can be significantly reduced through the cooking method used.


Where to Get Nutritionally Balanced and Highly Digestible Kibble?


Our brand of dog food is prepared in a manner that ensures optimal, balance, flavour, and nutrition. The ingredients are cooked to perfection in their own juices, ensuring optimal nutritional value. No water is added during the steam-cooking process. Only the finest quality ingredients go into the formula and the proteins are derived from quality meat and fish. Every ingredient in the formulation adds to the nutritional balance and digestibility of the kibble.


View our full range of products and the ingredient lists to understand why we can say that our dog food is wholesome, nutritionally balanced, and highly digestible.



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