Dog Food Brands

How to Choose Between Dog Food Brands

With literally hundreds of dog food brands in the world today, how do you choose one that you can trust? The problem is that the same manufacturer can sell several dog food brands and you want the assurance that the quality, production method, and manufacturer can be trusted. To help you make an informed choice, we look at factors that make our products stand out amongst dog food brands.


How do you know whether the dog food is really highly digestible? The more digestible the dog food from the specific brand, the less waste will end up on your lawn. Healthier pet feed is more digestible. For it to be digestible, it must be prepared in a way that ensures that only the ingredients that must be there are included. It also means that the maximum absorption of the nutrients must be possible from the smallest possible quantity. Your pets thus need fewer kibbles to be satisfied and to meet their nutritional requirements. To this end, our products meet and exceed the grade. This adds to our belief that we are one of the leading dog food brands in South Africa.

A Selection of High-Quality Ingredients and Quality Assurance

While the rewards fluctuate, all of our product lines have one thing in common – they are all produced from high-quality fresh ingredients, mixed as per our proprietary recipes in scientifically measured ratios. The products are then cooked in our state-of-the-art plant according to strict quality regulations. We choose every ingredient for nutritional value. Our commitment to safety is evident in our FSSC 22000 certification and our membership of the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI). We proudly display the PFI logo on all our products, so when you look for dog food brands you can trust, you can rest assured that we tick all the boxes.

A Wide Range of Dog Food Brands

Every product in the manufacturer’s product stable must meet quality, ingredient, and safety requirements. To this end, you have the assurance that regardless of the product you choose from our brand, your pet will get optimal quality in nutrition. Our range is comprehensive to fit your budget, life stage of your pet, breed size, and nutritional needs.

Protein-Centric Diet

What also makes us stand out amongst many dog food brands is our commitment to high-quality proteins in our kibble and wet food. This means that your pets get real meat and fish, and we only include what is needed.

Preparation Method

Our kibble is prepared in its own natural juices. We steam cook small batches without adding water. As such, the maximum nutritional value is ensured. All our products are also prepared according to strict HACCP regulations.

Locally Produced

With our plant located in South Africa, we are able to transport our products to the distributors and retailers fast and efficiently. This means that our products reach the shelves quicker than products from imported dog food brands.

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