Dog Food Brands

How to Evaluate Dog Food Brands in South Africa


With several dog food brands available locally, which one is the best? The various dog food brands invest considerable funds in their marketing efforts, each claiming to be the best for your canine companion. With so many advertising messages, how do you choose the kibble that is right for your pet? It can be a difficult choice, but by taking a closer look at the reputation of the manufacturers, it can help you make an informed buying decision.


Only Buy Dog Food Brands Registered with the Department of Agriculture


By law, every South African pet food manufacturer must register their product with the Department of Agriculture. In order to meet registration requirements, the kibble or wet food must meet specific standards for nutrition. As such, when you buy a food product from one of the local manufacturers that are registered, you are assured that the product meets the minimum nutritional requirements. This is certainly something to keep in mind when comparing locally produced kibble with imported pet kibble. Make sure that the brand you support is registered with the Department of Agriculture. Check the packaging to see if it displays the “v number” followed by “Act 36 of 1947” that shows that the product is registered with the Department of Agriculture.

Only Buy Dog Food Brands That Carry the PFI Logo


PFI stands for the Pet Food Industry Association. Brands carrying the logo on their products manufacture them in accordance with strict standards for quality and safety. The PFI is a non-profit organisation consisting of pet food manufacturers who are committed to the upholding of high quality in the manufacturing and marketing of their dog food.

Membership of the PFI is voluntary and as such, the manufacturers, which belong to the organisation, show their commitment to ethical practices, safe food processing, and quality products. The members commit to using the ingredients and the percentages stated on their packages. As such, you can believe the labels of dog food brands carrying the PFI logo. The PFI regularly conducts random testing of products and members to ensure that the labels are truthful, thereby protecting the consumers. Only companies registered with the PFI are allowed to carry the logo. You can also confirm membership by visiting the PFI website.


Support Companies That Are FSSC 22000 Certified


The FSSC 22000 is an internationally recognised food management system specifically for food manufacturers. The standard is based on the ISO standards. As such, it follows a particular approach to ensure consistency, on-going improvement, and high quality. Becoming certified according to the requirements of the FSSC 22000 entails going through a process of internal audits. It also entails external audits, which are conducted by official accreditation and certification bodies.

Certification is not a once-off process. Once the company has become certified, it must maintain the management system and must undergo annual verification audits to prove its compliance with the FSSC 22000 requirements. Any manufacturer of pet food that has been certified in accordance with the FSSC 22000 will be proud to show their certificate, so you can verify the brand’s claim regarding compliance.


Safe Production Methods


Hygiene and safety are important aspects in food manufacturing. Just because the kibble or wet food is prepared for pets and not humans, it does not mean that the manufacturer can skimp on quality, whether it is regarding ingredients, the production method, packaging, or safety and hygiene. You want to buy dog food brands that meet health and safety requirements for food manufacturing. Our products for instance, are subjected to 35 quality checks, which are conducted every 15 minutes and at various stages of production. By following this approach, we ensure that our products are as safe as can be. In addition, the ingredients in our pet food are fit to be used in your own food.

We document all the procedures in accordance with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points regulations. Every ingredient thus has an audit trail and we can prove our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of your pets.

Considering the above information, you now know how to confirm the quality and reputation when it comes to dog food brands in South Africa. You will also notice when you read our product labels that we meet and exceed the requirements as discussed above. You can thus be assured that our labels are truthful and that the products we manufacture are nutritious, well balanced, safe, and relevant to the nutritional needs of pets in South Africa.



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