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5 Compelling Reasons to Buy Dog Food Produced in South Africa


With so many brands of dog food available, how do you choose one that is right for your pets? Start with buying from a local manufacturer in South Africa. Below are the five reasons why we believe that this is the best option.


  1. Freshness Guaranteed


With imported pet food, you don’t know how long the product has been in transit, how long it has been in the warehouse, or how many days it has been at the retailer. It can take a long time before the dog food reaches the retailer in South Africa. Freshness can thus not be guaranteed, whereas, with a local manufacturer, you know that the dog food is most likely delivered to the shelves in a shorter amount of time.


  1. Safety in Manufacturing


Do you know whether the overseas manufacturer adheres to strict pet food manufacturing standards? Do you know the origin of the protein sources? Do you have any guarantee of ethical conduct? When you buy from a dog food manufacturer like us in South Africa, you have certain quality guarantees in place.


We, for instance, only use the finest quality raw materials. The manufacturing process entails several quality checks. As such, every part of the food’s journey is controlled – right up to the moment it reaches the shelves. Indeed, we perform as many as 35 quality checks during the different stages at 15-minute intervals.


Every product can be traced back to the original sources of the ingredients, and all the safety and hygiene precautions are done in accordance with strict Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points.


  1. Quality Guaranteed


Buying from a reputable local manufacturer also means that you can hold the manufacturer responsible for quality guarantees. To this end, we do not disappoint either. Indeed, the ingredients in our products are classified as fit for human consumption. The A-grade quality certainly meets the requirement.


  1. Dog Food Fit for Animals in South Africa


South Africa has a warmer climate as opposed to European countries where animals require more fat in their diets for warmth and energy. Because our local pets generally need to keep cool rather than eat for body heat, the animals need less fat in their diets. Our formulation thus meets the dietary requirements of pets living in South Africa. Your pets get all the nutrition they need without artificial additions that add no real nutritional value.


  1. Manufacturer Accountability


Buy locally from a manufacturer that takes accountability serious. We, for instance, are a member of the Pet Food Industry Association (PFI) of Southern Africa. Add our FSSC 22000 certification and you can see why we can state that we manufacture safe and high-quality products. Being a PFI member provides the assurance that we manufacture dog food according to strict quality and safety standards.


Buy locally and save money, whilst having the assurance of quality and knowing that the products are made specifically to meet the dietary requirements of pets in South Africa.



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