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Why Buy Our Brand of Dog Food in South Africa?


It is true that many brands of dog food claim to be the best and there are many overseas brands available in South Africa. How do you choose a brand of dog food among so many available choices? Below are a few facts to consider, helping you understand why you should try buying our dog food in South Africa.


Local Is More Affordable


Many of the premium brands are imported and thus can be more expensive. We offer you a premium brand at a reasonable price. The reason we are able to do so is because our dog food is locally manufactured. Indeed, our state-of-the-art facilities are located in the Karoo, and from there, distribution takes place across the country.


With our dog food being produced in South Africa, the time it takes from manufacturing to the products being available at retailers and vets across the country is relatively short. Indeed, when you import, the kibble is made overseas and is then shipped to South Africa. It can take several months before the dog food is available at local retailers. As such, the food might no longer be fresh. Our product is produced and packed with freshness in mind and has exceptional shelf life.


Quality Is Key


We are a member of the Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa. Being a member comes with responsibilities and a commitment to quality and safety. In addition, it means we adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct. Our dog food carries the PFI logo, which provides you with the assurance that we manufacture products according to strict standards for quality and safety.


We also have FSSC 22000 certification (since 2015). Our manufacturing facility, our production system, and our food safety management system thus meet the requirements of this well-known and internationally accepted standard. Certification is a comprehensive process and we undergo annual verification audits to ensure that we still comply with the requirements of the standard. You thus have the assurance of high quality and safety when you buy our brand of dog food in South Africa.


Production for Quality


Read the labels on our products. You will notice that proteins form the main ingredients of the kibble. However, the quality of proteins is just as important. We only include ingredients that are classified as fit for human consumption. What does this mean? We only put in that which we, as humans, are willing to eat. This also means that we only use A-grade quality proteins. With this in mind, you know that your pets get the same quality of food as you do when you buy our brand of dog food in South Africa.


World-Class Facility


We have fitted our factory with state-of-the-art machinery to ensure consistency in production and quality. As such, our dog food in South Africa is produced to a standard that competes favourably with top international brands.


View our extensive range and buy the kibble that best meets your pet’s nutritional needs.



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