Dry Cat Food

Why Your Pet Benefits from Our Dry Cat Food


With years of experience in producing premium-quality dry and wet pet food in South Africa, our Classic formulation is as nutritious today as it has ever been. Indeed, part of our commitment to the production of quality dry cat food is to ensure ongoing improvement in quality, safety, and service delivery. We know how important it is to ensure that your cat receives nutritionally balanced kibble for optimal health and energy.


We produce Classic dry cat food for kittens and adult cats, and provide it in 1-kg, 3-kg, 5-kg, and 25-kg bags. When we state top quality, we refer to the ingredients, preparation method, quality control, and packaging. This means that every scoop of our dry cat food is nutritionally balanced, flavourful, and highly digestible for maximum sustenance.


The kibble is available throughout South Africa, which means that you can provide your feline companions with good-quality food regardless of where you stay in South Africa.


A Balanced Ratio of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats


Every scoop of our adult cat food contains 30% protein from chicken and fish for strong muscle development, eyesight support, and shiny coat. It also contains balanced calories and fat to ensure a healthy weight. In addition, the formulation includes cellulose, which is important for hairball management. The natural cellulose, which is a core component of vegetables, helps hair to move through the digestive system and thereby reduces the incidence of hairball build-up in your feline companion’s body.


Our formulation also includes increased sodium to help with urine pH management. With more sodium in the diet, your pet should also drink more water, which helps to increase its urine volume. This also helps to restrict magnesium content in the urine.


Omega-3 and omega-6 help to ensure a healthy and shiny coat because the fatty acids provide essential skin nourishment. You will also notice that the dry cat food contains 0,125% taurine, which is an amino acid that helps to keep the heart and eyes in good condition.


Premium Quality


Now that you know the ratio of protein and carbohydrates, let’s look at what makes pet food stand out for good quality. For one, it must be highly digestible to ensure that your pet gets all the nutrition required from their diet. In addition, it must be prepared using a method that provides optimal nutritional value. To this end, you will appreciate the fact that the ingredients are combined with a balanced ratio and steam cooked in their own juices with no addition of water.


High Digestibility


We ensure high digestibility of our dry cat food. This means that there is nothing in the food that does not add to the nutritional value and digestibility of the kibble. With high digestibility, more nutrients are absorbed, so your pet requires less kibble to keep them satisfied and in good health. This also means less waste in the litter box.


We are a member of the Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa (PFI). As such, we uphold strict ethical conduct and production standards. In addition, we have FSSC 22000 certification, attesting to our commitment of quality dry cat food production.


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