How Our Dry Cat Food Provides Complete and Balanced Nutrition

Cats, like any other pets, require regular clean water and nutritionally balanced meals to sustain their bodies. However, to ensure that your pets get optimal nutrition, you have to provide them with high-quality food that is full of flavour and all the nutrients they require. You want every mouthful to count in nutritional value.

Our expertise in pet food manufacturing, combined with the insight from a leading authority in cat and dog nutrition in South Africa, helps us to create products that meet the requirements of flavour, texture, and nutrition. We have perfected the formula over time, which is why we can state that every bowl full of our Classic dry cat food provides exceptional flavour, superb nutritional balance, and optimal digestibility. Pet owners in South Africa can, therefore, rely on our brand to ensure that their pets receive kibble that is balanced for maximum energy and overall health support.

The Classic range is available in kitten and adult options. Kittens require more energy from their food than older feline companions do because they are playful and growing. As such, we recommend starting your kittens on our wet and dry cat food that is specifically formulated to meet the dietary requirements of kittens. Once the kittens are fully grown, transition their diets to the adult range, which is full of succulent flavour and goodness to sustain their energy and nutritional needs, in addition to facilitating weight management.

Dry Kibble for Optimal Nutrition

Our formulation ensures digestibility and the maximum absorption of nutrients. This means that your feline companions get the most value from every bowl. The protein is derived from real meat and fish, ensuring nutrition in the way that nature intended it. The ratio of protein to fats is perfect for good nutrition. The kibble contains 30% protein for strong muscle development, and considering the muscle strength required to run, play, climb trees, and jump as high as cats do, you can understand the value of the high protein content.

The kibble contains 5,5% fibre, which is essential for digestive support and hairball management. Indeed, with our formulation, hair can move through the digestive tract quickly. The 12% fat content is important for flavour and energy.

Our formulation also includes sodium to encourage your cat to drink more water. This helps to keep their kidneys and bladders in good condition. The balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help to ensure shiny coats and healthy skin. In addition, our formulation includes 0,125% taurine, which is an essential amino acid required for good heart and eye health.

Kitten Kibble to Meet Their Dietary Requirements in the Early Stages of Their Lives

Just as with our adult dry cat food, our kitten kibble is perfectly balanced with 32% protein and 13% fat to meet the muscle-development and energy needs of growing cats.

Give your pets quality nutrition with our brand of dry cat food. View our Classic range and use the store locator to find a stockist near you.