Dry Cat Food

How Your Feline Companions Benefit from Our Dry Cat Food


We could learn a thing or two from the attitude of cats when it comes to enjoyment of life. They certainly know how to preserve energy during the warmest part of the day and can be as playful or content as the situation requires. When it comes to their diets, they are rather discerning and you know they enjoy their meals when they return to their bowls for more. Hence, the superb flavour in our Classic range of dry cat food.


Why Cats Love Our Dry Food


The perfect flavour starts with the selection of the finest ingredients. Only the best raw materials are good enough for our dry cat food. The second part of the flavour comes from our preparation method, which entails cooking the ingredients to perfection in their own juices, ensuring optimal nutrition and superb taste. The third part stems from the scientifically researched formulation to ensure the perfect balance of nutrients. The fourth reason lies with the crunchy texture of the food.


Essentials for Good Health


Our dry cat food contains a superb balance of ingredients to address the nutritional requirements of cats. A closer look reveals just why so many South African pet owners already buy our dry cat food.


The nutritional balance of the dry cat food is as follows:


  • 30% protein – for muscle development and growth
  • 5,5% fibre – for hairball control
  • 12% fat – for flavour and energy


Protein – Muscle Support


For your feline companions to jump high, climb trees, run fast, and protect against threats, they must have superb muscle strength. In order to develop healthy and strong muscles, they require high-protein diets. As such, protein makes up the largest percentage of the nutrient value of our cat food, especially considering that cats are carnivores. Their digestive systems are specifically adapted to consume animal-based protein.


When it comes to their protein intake, we know how important quality is. As such, all the protein in our dry cat food comes from real meat and fish. This ensures that the protein can be digested and absorbed faster with less effort for optimal bioavailability. When we state “high quality”, we mean it, since the ingredients are fit for human consumption.


Well-Balanced Calories for Weight Management


Cats spend a large part of their lives sleeping. When they are awake, they live to the fullest, even as adult cats. Weight management is, however, essential, since enjoying the larger part of the day sleeping means that they preserve energy. As such, the diet should include just enough fat in the ratio to protein, in order to ensure energy and flavour without causing weight problems. To this end, you also have the assurance that our dry food is balanced to provide the right amount of calories.


Omegas to Support Healthy Skin and Coat


If you want your cats to have shiny coats, then start with their food. They require omega-3 and omega-6 in their diets to ensure glossy coats.


Effective Hairball Management


No doubt, hairballs can be frustrating for you as a pet owner. Fortunately, our dry cat food formulation contains natural cellulose as the base component of vegetable fibre to manage the issue. The cellulose, if consumed daily, helps to prevent the formation of hairballs, as it moves the hair through the digestive system, thereby helping to prevent a hair build-up in the digestive system.


Reduction in the pH Levels of Urine


The formulation contains sodium, which encourages your pets to drink more water. With a higher water intake, the urine volume increases. This also helps to reduce the magnesium content and assists with the reduction of pH levels to ensure a healthier urinary tract.


Heart and Eye Health


Cats require taurine in their diets. It is an essential amino acid that is important for eye and heart health. As such, our formulation of dry food contains 0,125% taurine.


Prevent obesity, eye and heart problems, a build-up of kidney stones and hairballs, and skin problems by providing your feline companions with balanced nutrition as close to their natural diets as possible. Read more about our dry cat food and learn more about why your pets will appreciate the kibbles and wet food.



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