Dry Dog Food

Answers to Your Questions about Our Dry Dog Food 

We want to help you make informed decisions when it comes to buying dry dog food. As such, we answer many of the frequently asked questions about our dry dog food below.

Why the use of the term “animal derivatives” and not just use “meat” as a description?

The Department of Agriculture requires the term of “animal derivatives” to be used on the packaging for products made from muscle meats or organs. As such, our dry dog food packaging is labelled to meet the requirement.

Why don’t I see your brand of pet food sold by fuel stations?

We supply to vet shops, feed shops, and pet shops. If you wish to buy in bulk and thus save on the price, we recommend negotiating bulk purchase prices from retailers in your area.

What quality assurance do you offer?

We adhere to a strict quality system, ensuring that our products, from sourcing of the raw ingredients right through to the completion of production, labelling, and dispatch, meet the quality requirements of the FSSC 22000 standard, the legislative requirements of the Department of Agriculture, and the Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa (PFI) requirements. As such, the quantity, cooking times, temperature, cooking method, ratio of protein to fat, the ingredient quality, and the manufacturing process are subject to strict quality control measures.

We perform mycotoxin tests and use the NIR scanner for confirmation of protein, fibre, fat, and ash levels. Such tests on the final product are performed every 30 minutes. You can, therefore, be sure that every product that leaves our floor meets the quality requirements as mentioned above. According to estimates, as many as 300 000 pets in South Africa regularly eat our dry dog food. No fewer than 400 veterinarians supply our dry dog food range in their vet shops, and well over 2 000 outlets in the country sell our products to the public.

Do you perform clinical trials on animals?

No. The only trials that we conduct regarding our products are ones to test digestibility, urine pH, and palatability. Such trials are performed by reputable and qualified veterinarians. The only lab tests performed during the trials are the testing of the urine and faeces of the animals.

How digestible is your dry dog food?

We use sophisticated cooking equipment that is imported from the Netherlands and the USA. The equipment is specifically made for cooking the ingredients at the right temperatures and at the correct length of time for optimal digestibility. This ensures digestibility of between 78% and 92% (product dependent).

Why does membership of the PFI matter?

As a member of the PFI, we have to comply with strict standards regarding pet food manufacturing. All member products are registered with the Department of Agriculture. The PFI regularly performs testing of products at the manufacturing plants of the members. As such, you have the assurance that our dry dog food products meet the requirements regarding the ingredients, the feeding and nutritional guidelines, and the benefits we state on the packaging. The Technical Advisor from the Department of Agriculture authorises and validates such.

Read our question section and get in touch should you have any questions not answered on our website.