Dry Dog Food

Well-Balanced Dry Dog Food for Optimal Nutrition at Every Age


Balanced nutrition is essential to keep your pets healthy and energetic. Pets that are not getting get all the essential nutrients in their diets are at risk of developing deficiencies. Such deficiencies can cause health problems, which reduce their ability to enjoy life to the fullest.


Flavour is just one important aspect of dry dog food. Even if your canine companions enjoy the taste of a particular brand of kibble, it doesn’t mean that their diets are sufficient to sustain good health. Every bowl of kibble should be enticing. However, it should also contain the right balance of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to sustain optimal health.


We offer a wide range of dry dog food in South Africa. A closer look at our Karoo range is provided below to give insight into what is meant with nutritionally balanced meals.


Delicious Kibble to Meet the Energy Requirements of Puppies


Puppies are playful, curious, and a sheer pleasure to have around. However, they require a balanced diet that can support their energy requirements. In addition, they need wet or dry dog food that contains the nutritional content needed to help them grow into healthy adult dogs. To this end, we provide small- to medium-breed puppy food and large-breed puppy kibble.


The scientifically formulated dry dog food for puppies contains a superb balance of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. With proteins from real meat, and added vitamins and minerals, your puppies benefit from a diet that sustains optimal growth and health.


The satisfying crunchy texture and the flavour of the kibble ensure that your puppies enjoy their meals to the fullest. The minerals help to ensure strong and healthy teeth and bones. Protein forms the main ingredient of the formulation, as it is essential for proper muscle development and growth. Every bowl full of kibble also contains the right amount of fats for energy and flavour, while the DHA supports brain and eyesight development


Balanced Diet for Adult Dogs


The scientifically formulated dry dog food for adult canines provides for a premium diet. Sustaining good health starts with the right diet. To this end, the Karoo range specifically for adult canines contains 22% protein for muscle maintenance, 12% fat for energy and delicious flavour, and prebiotics to support digestive health, in addition to glucosamine and chondroitin for optimal maintenance of joint and cartilage health. We also cater to the dietary requirements of older canines with our range for senior dogs. The formulation contains 22% protein, 9% fat, prebiotics, glucosamine, and chondroitin.


Give your pets the best nutrition possible. Provide them with nutritionally balanced dry dog food from any of our superb brands.



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