Dry Dog Food

Affordable Dry Dog Food That Doesn’t Compromise on Quality


Your pets should not have to settle for lower quality because your budget might be a bit tight at present. Instead, give them Monty & Me, which is formulated to the exact high standards as all the other products in our brand stable.


The dry dog food from this range is made from high-quality raw materials, combined in a balanced ratio for optimum nutrition. Every batch is prepared with quality as the priority. The kibbles are delicious and every bite is full of goodness. Expect a full range of proteins, omega-6, anti-oxidants, and natural prebiotics to be part of the formulation to help keep your pets in tip-top condition.


The range includes Essential, as well as Puppy and Adult formulations to meet the life-stage requirements of your pets.


What Goes into Our Essential Dry Dog Food?


The product contains all the important ingredients needed to provide a nutritionally balanced meal. Add to such, our preparation method, which helps to prevent the loss of nutrition during cooking, and you can agree that it provides true value for money. The cost cutting comes in with a little less fat and protein, but zero compromise on quality. You can thus save money without having to compromise on the quality of dry dog food that your pets receive. The taste is just as enticing as any of our other brands and the texture provides for just enough crunch to make every mouthful an enjoyment for your canine companions.


The dry dog food in the Essential range contains protein from real meat, ensuring superb bioavailability and maximum nutrient absorption. It also contains easily digestible barley, which is a slow-burning carbohydrate and fibre to keep your pets satisfied for longer. In addition, the product includes added anti-oxidants to keep the immune system strong and healthy. The added omega-6 oil helps to ensure healthy skin and coats, while the crunchy kibble aids in keeping teeth clean.


Dry Dog Food for Puppies


If you want to cater specifically to the dietary needs of puppies, consider the Puppy option from the same range. The finest ingredients go into the formulation and the kibble is cooked to perfection in our state-of-the-art factory, using a method that allows for the conservation of the nutrient value. If you are looking for easily digestible, crunchy, and delicious kibble, specifically formulated to meet the nutritional intake requirements of young and growing dogs, then this dry dog food offers superb value for money.


Each bite of kibble is packed with all the anti-oxidants that your puppy requires to build a strong and healthy immune system. The formulation is geared towards supporting digestive health, and bone and muscle strength. With the higher energy levels of puppies in mind, the formulation provides for more protein and fat to ensure optimal growth support. It includes hearty cereals for energy, ensuring your puppy gets the carbohydrates it needs to sustain its energy levels. In addition, the prebiotic fibre from wheat bran keeps the digestive system healthy. With protein from real meat, the dry food is formulated for digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients.


Optimal Nutrition for Adult Dogs


Grown-up dogs require less fat and protein than puppies. As such, the Adult selection ensures that your pet gets all the goodness and flavour of our dry food for puppies, but with less fat. The finest ingredients are used and the cooking method ensures that the food retains its nutrients. Balanced to ensure good digestive health, energy, strong bones, and teeth, the dry dog food for fully-grown canines is as delicious and nutritious as it gets. The crunchy texture of the kibbles also helps to fight tartar build-up, as chewing the kibbles helps to brush the dog’s teeth.


When it comes to our brands of dry dog food, you have the assurance of quality. Indeed, we perform quality and safety checks at no fewer than 35 points at 15-minute intervals. We are a member of the Pet Food Association of Southern Africa and adhere to strict standards in the manufacturing and packaging of our dry dog food. You have a guarantee of freshness because our factory is in the Karoo, thus ensuring that the products reach the shelves faster than with imported brands.


Give your pets the love and care they need as family members without emptying your purse in the process. View the dry dog food options and select the product that suits the dietary requirements of your pets and your budget.



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