To all the dogs beside us. To those sharing our ups and downs, working with us, those keeping us warm at night, guiding and protecting us. To all the dogs who go above and beyond. You are all heroes, and these awards are specially for you.
Heroic Tails is a biennial event from Montego’s Karoo range that rewards true South African K9 stories of bravery, heroism, devotion and resilience. Stories about South African dogs that have surpassed boundaries and expectations, overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds within 4 unique/distinct categories with one overall winner:


Heroic deeds performed by ordinary dogs that are more than meets the eye. These stories are testament to the bravery and intelligence our beloved pets sometimes exhibit when we least expect it.


For better or worse, they’ve stuck by you and in some cases, helped you through some of the most difficult times you've had to face. This award is for the loyalty that dogs lavish on us in abundance, even when the odds are stacked against them.


Some dogs are less fortunate than others, yet some of these brave souls never give up. This category is for dogs who have come back from the brink of suffering and neglect, made remarkable recoveries and have been able to put their awful pasts behind them.


This sub-category award is for stories of charities and Non Profit Organisations . Those that feed, shelter, nurse, protect and find homes for dogs in need – or any other organisation making a real difference in the lives of South African pets.