Kitten Food

Flavourful Kitten Food for Good Nutrition


Cats are rather discerning when it comes to owners, toys, and food. They love their food and if there is one thing you cannot compromise on when having feline companions at home, it is their kibble. Even though kittens are not likely become mad at you for not providing them with their favourite meals, it is essential to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. To this end, you will want to give them delicious meals, jam-packed with nutrition that can sustain their energy levels, help with hairball management, and provide the essentials for a healthy heart, as well as eyes and coats.


As with our wet and dry dog food, we never compromise on the quality of ingredients, the balance of the formulation, and the preparation of our kitten food. Indeed, we are passionate about quality and nutrition as is evident with our membership of the Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa and our FSSC 22000 certification.


The Classic range of kitten food contains delicious chicken and fish for bioavailability and maximum nutrition. The formulation consists of 32% protein for strong muscle development, 25% single-grain source for healthy growth, and 13% fat for energy and flavour.


The crunchy texture helps to promote good oral health as the texture of the kibble helps to brush teeth and keep your kitten’s teeth free from tartar build-up. The small size of the kibble also makes it easier for chewing, ensuring that your kitten can enjoy their food to the maximum. Smaller-sized food in the digestive tract helps with digestibility.


The inclusion of omega-3  and omega-6 in the kitten food provides fatty acids for skin and coat support. The kibble contains L-lysine, which is important for strong bone development and growth. The kitten food furthermore contains L-carnitine, which is important for optimal fat metabolism and endurance, while the inclusion of DL-methionine for keratin is important for hair protein synthesis.


The range of kitten food contains taurine – an amino acid that is essential for good eye and heart health in cats. With the protein sources being real fish and chicken, you are guaranteed of optimal bioavailability of the nutrients.


Apart from the dry kitten food, we supply wet food in 85-g pouches. The formulation provides for superb nutrition and the additional moisture your kitten requires to sustain good kidney health. With the ingredients steam cooked in their own juices, no nutritional loss is experienced. Use as treats, to complement your kitten’s dry food diet, or to add a bit of extra joy and flavour to their kibble.



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