Why it is Important to Buy High-Quality Dry Pet Food for Every Life Stage of Your Dog

You may think that it doesn’t matter which dry dog food you buy and that the only real difference is taste. However, the dry dog food your pet consumes is essential in keeping the animal healthy. Imported foods, for instance, contain far too much fat, as animals in cooler parts of the world require more fat for energy. South Africa has a warm climate and as such, the fat content should be lower to prevent obesity.

Fat content is but one example of why it is important to consider the brand and type of dry dog food to keep your pet well fed and healthy. We briefly introduce our Karoo range of dry dog food below, giving you an indication of the quality, correct combination of ingredients, and scientific formulation of balanced nutrition, which are so characteristic of our range of pet food.

Our Karoo range is characterised by the presence of premium-quality meat, the correct combination of added vitamins and minerals, high levels of antioxidants to boost immune systems, and the delicious taste. Pets are part of the family and as such, you want to do the best for them. Our Karoo range consists of age and size appropriate food, scientifically formulated to ensure the correct nutrition for the appropriate life stage and size of the dog. We offer you Puppy, Adult, and Senior dog food in the Karoo range.

Karoo Puppy

If you want to grow tasty vegetables, you must prepare the soil correctly. Soil that is rich in nutrients form the foundation for nutrient-packed vegetables. The same applies to caring for your pet. To give your animal the right nutritional foundation for sustained health, start at the puppy stage. Healthy nutrition at the puppy stage provides the foundation for the pet’s future health.

Dog breeds vary in growth rates and what their adult weights will be. In order to provide the correct nutrition, consider the breed when you buy dry dog food for your puppy. We make provision for such by giving you the choice between puppy food for smaller breeds and the food for larger breeds.

Our Karoo dry dog food for small to medium breed is a super-premium formulation made specifically to ensure sustained health, energy, and vitality for the small, but still growing body of your pet. The pellets contain nutrient-rich proteins from quality-grade meat and poultry. Indeed, our foods are made from raw materials fit for human consumption. We have added vitamins (C, D, and E), various minerals, and antioxidants to ensure that every bowl of Karoo puppy food provides for optimal nutrition.

The Karoo pellets are tasty and have a distinctive crunchy texture. The dry dog food contains the correct combination of minerals to ensure your puppy can grow strong bones and teeth. It contains 1,3% calcium and 0,8% to ensure the correct combination of the two minerals for bone growth and strength. The pellets furthermore contain natural sources of EPA and DHA from omega-rich salmon oil, to promote healthy vision and brain development.

Karoo Adult

The fat content of the adult Karoo dry dog food is slightly lower, because your pet has reached its adult size and requires less energy than a puppy. However, we have added enough to provide sustained energy. At the adult stage in their life, your pet requires additional joint and cartilage support, which is why you will find that the Karoo adult pellets contain glucosamine derived from high-quality proteins, including lamb and ostrich, in addition to chondroitin for the preservation of the joints and cartilage.

Karoo Senior

Our Karoo dry dog food for senior dogs also contains added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for the optimal wellbeing of older pets. The larger the breed, the sooner you will need to transition to senior food. The pellets contain added glucosamine and chondroitin for joint and cartilage support. It also contains added amino acids, such as L-Carnitine and L-Lysine, for support of the metabolism of older dogs.

Buy premium-quality dry dog food from a trusted brand and provide the nutrition your pet requires at every life stage. View the section on our Karoo range for more information.



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