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What Makes Our Classic Small Breed Puppy Food Perfect for Your Pet?


When it comes to caring for your pets, you want to have the same assurance of quality as you expect for food produced for humans. Your animals are part of the family and deserve to receive nutritious meals. As such, you will want superb quality when it comes to puppy food. We understand this, which is why we ensure that our puppy food is full of flavour, highly digestible, and perfectly balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your growing canine companions.


Our Classic range of kibble for small- to medium-sized puppies is available in 2-kg, 5-kg, 10-kg, and 25-kg bags, helping to meet your quantity requirements. The small- to medium-breed puppy food is made with real meat to ensure optimal bioavailability and superb digestibility, specifically for growing pets.


Nutritional Balance


The nutritional combination provides a good balance to meet the energy, growth, and muscle strength needs of small- to medium-sized puppies. The combination includes 26,5% protein for building and the maintenance of muscles, 23% fat for extra energy and, of course, delicious flavour, and 1,3% calcium for strong bones and healthy skeletal development.


Why Breed Is Important


The dietary requirements of small-, medium-, and large-breed puppies differ. It is important to meet the specific energy and growth requirements of your dog’s breed. What your puppy eats now affects how strong its bones, muscles, and immune system will be when it is fully grown.


Just as with humans, the childhood of your dog is a special time. Feeding your pet the wrong food while it is still young and growing will affect its adult life. Malnutrition and obesity are both conditions that can develop and affect your dog’s quality of life if the animal does not get the right nutrition.


The problem that most pet owners face is not one of not being able to feed their animals, since there are so many brands of pet kibble on the market, but rather one of quality and balance.


In order to ensure the right nutrition for your dog, it is essential to consider their breed, as this will affect its growth rate, bone structure, and mature weight. You will need to consider how much to feed the puppy according to the breed’s adult size.


Why the Specific Nutritional Balance?


The protein, for instance, is essential for muscle growth and strength. Dogs require protein in their diets, and such protein should mostly come from animal products. The quality of protein is essential to ensure maximum absorption and availability of the nutrients in the body to support good health.


The calcium helps to ensure that your puppy can develop strong and healthy teeth. Our food for small- to medium-breed sizes is small and crunchy, ensuring that your puppy can easily chew the kibbles. The small- to medium-breed puppy food also contains vitamin C  and E to support your pet’s immune system. The added vitamins help to protect against free radicals that can affect the cells of the dog’s body. You want to ensure optimal daily cell renewal and for this, you need to give your puppy the vitamins its body needs for daily cell renewal and immune strength.


The puppy food contains a bit of extra fat since the fat helps to support energy and growth requirements. Puppies are playful and thus spend much of their energy on exploring and enjoying life. They also need fat for their growing bodies, which is why our puppy food contains more fat than our adult dog food.


The nutritional balance includes a range of antioxidants and important nutrients, which help to maintain overall strong bones, muscles, and teeth.


Feeding Guidelines to Help You Know How Much Food to Give Your Puppy


We provide you with feeding guidelines on every bag of puppy food. These guidelines help you to understand how much food per day to give your loved pet according to their adult weight. We also provide guidelines regarding when to change your puppy’s diet to our adult dog food.


Give your puppy the nutritional care it needs to grow into a strong and healthy adult dog. View our range of kibble for small- to medium-sized dogs.



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