Why Our Brand Is Associated with Top-Quality Dog Food

True, it is easy to claim we provide top-quality dog food, but by considering how we produce our kibble, our history, and our adherence to safety standards, it becomes clear why our brand is associated with top-quality and nutritiously balanced products.

Membership of the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa (PFI)

As a registered and proud member of the PFI, we are committed to ethical conduct, accurate ingredient listing, and manufacturing top-quality dog food in accordance with strict standards for safety.

FSSC 22000 Certification

Our FSSC 22000 certification serves as further confirmation of our commitment to the production of top-quality dog food. This certification is only awarded to manufacturers who have implemented a food management system that meets the requirements of the internationally recognised standard. We received the certification in October 2015 for the manufacturing of dog, cat, and fish feed. To stay compliant, we have to meet management reviews and many other requirements regarding our manufacturing facility, safety management, products, and production processes. We undergo annual verification audits for our ongoing compliance with the standard, which is part of the ISO family of standards.

Our Products Are Locally Made for Pets in South Africa

Our manufacturing facility is in South Africa and we produce pet kibble for animals living in this climate. With our country having a higher average temperature than countries in Europe, pets here require less fat in their diets for energy. To meet their dietary requirements, our formulations are tailored to contain less fat. As such, our formulations are suited for animals in South Africa to ensure balanced nutrition. Our kibble does not contain fillers. Instead, every ingredient is selected for bioavailability, digestibility, and value to the diets of pets.

Locally produced pet food also holds the benefit of freshness, without the costs associated with imports from European countries. Instead of the kibble being stored in overseas warehouses before shipment to South Africa, the kibble is almost immediately shipped from our facility, straight to the relevant local distributors.

Great Selection of Raw Materials

Your pets are considered part of the family. As such, you want them to receive the same healthy meals as all your family members. We start this process with the selection of top-quality raw materials, which are also fit for human consumption. You can thus expect A-grade meat and ingredients in every bowl of kibble.

Technology to Ensure Best Production Methods

Our factory is fitted with sophisticated machinery imported from the USA, the Netherlands, and Belgium. With such machinery, we are able to create our products with precision. This cutting-edge technology makes it possible to produce kibble according to strict international manufacturing standards.

Hygienic Conditions

We take every precaution and follow all the required procedures for documenting processes. This enables us to meet the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) regulations. The entire journey of the ingredients, processing included, is thus traceable.

When you want top-quality dog food for your pets, our brand stands out for all the right reasons.