Should You Feed Your Pet Dry or Wet Cat Food?

Wet cat food, as available from reputable brands, offers a consistency that mimics the texture of food that a cat would eat in the wild. It is well suited for kittens, cats that are overweight, senior feline members struggling to chew their kibble, and cats that don’t drink enough water.

Pouches are more expensive than pellets, so many pet owners prefer the dry pellets for their pets. Dry pellets are also more convenient. However, to add a bit of variety to the diet or to provide your cat with added moisture or a healthy treat can also be good reasons to include wet cat food in your pet’s diet.

The wet food can be added to the dry pellets to provide extra flavour. Sometimes, cats do not get enough water in their diets. In nature, they get moisture from their food, but domesticated cats are not big hunters. As such, it can be challenging to get more water in their diets.

Fortunately, with our nutritionally balanced and tasty wet cat food, you can ensure that your pet gets sufficient moisture in their diet. Of course, it does not mean doing away with fresh water. Your pet requires enough clean drinking water daily to ensure kidney and bladder health.

Cats can also be picky eaters. While we might want some variety in our diets, they do not change their diets easily. In addition, changes that are made quickly in their diets can cause digestive upset. As such, gradually introduce the wet cat food. You can mix it with the pellets and gradually change to the new food.

Keep in mind that your feline companion will also prefer the meal at room temperature. If you have stored the sachet in the fridge, be sure to warm it up slightly to ensure that it is rather palatable. Apart from such, you can add a bit of moisture to your pet’s pellets with our Sauce range. It will also help to give your pet the moisture it needs.

Follow our feeding guidelines on the product packaging. Our range of wet cat food is packed with nutritional value and includes proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, fats, vitamins, minerals, and moisture. Indeed, no nutritional loss is experienced during the preparation process, as the meal is steamed in the pouch to lock in the flavour, moisture, and nutrition.



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