Perfectly balanced, thoroughly satisfying and highly digestible nutrition for your pets in every delicious mouthful.

Montego Classic Wet Foods provide the balance, digestibility and delicious flavour that Montego dogs, cats, puppies and kittens across the county look forward to every day to provide everything they need for energy, wellbeing and happiness. Try some for your pet today, mixed with their dry food or as a complete meal on its own, they’re sure to love Montego Classic Wet Foods.

Classic Puppy Wet Food available in 385g tins while Classic Adult Wet Food is available in both 385g and 775g tins. Classic Wet Cat Food is available in 85g pouches for both adult cats and kittens.

Montego Classic Wet Food for Puppies



Montego Classic Wet Food for Adult Dogs



Montego Classic Wet Food for Kittens



Montego Classic Wet Food for Cats