Juicy Boerewors Flavour

Highly nutritious, wagtastically delicious, BAGS O’ WAGS are the treats dogs love to get and they’re full of mmmmmoreish goodness!

Handcrafted Flavour

Handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients, they taste as heavenly as they smell (to your dog!)

Easy to

A single source of protein means easier digestion for a happy tum (and crunchy fun)

A Perfect

Crunchy and easy to snap, these tasty treats are ideal as a delicious reward when training (or whenever!)

Fresher Breath for Kisses

The teeth cleaning agent and rosemary extract clean teeth and freshens breath (For everyone's sake)

Wheat and whole wheat flour, chicken meal, palm oil, sugars, brewer’s yeast, tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, rosemary extract.

ADDITIVES: SENSORY: Palatability meat-based enhancers and boerewors flavour.
PRESERVATIVES: Potassium sorbate and sodium metabisulphite.

Crude protein 22%
Moisture 10%
Total fat 12%
Crude fibre 2%
Calcium 1%
Phosphorus 0.6%
Sugars 0.3%
Metabolisable energy 392 kcal/lOO g

Bags o’ Wags Crunchies available in 1 kg boxes. V26493 (Act 36 of 1947)