The same high quality you’ve always relied on in the most affordable Montego family member yet.
Highly nutritional and fully balanced, our delicious adult dog and puppy food is made for canines of all breeds and size.
Perfectly balanced, thoroughly satisfying and highly digestible nutrition for your pets in every delicious mouthful.
Scientifically formulated, super premium pet nutrition that caters for the advanced needs of your dog.
Natural, wholesome and authentically prepared, Field + Forest™ is a grain-free range of nutritional products for dogs.

Between our own expertise and insight from a leading authority on SA pet nutrition, Montego Classic’s formulation and production process has been refined and perfected over time. This is how we know Montego Classic provides the balance, digestibility and delicious flavor that Montego pets of all ages and their owners throughout South Africa rely on every day for energy, wellbeing and happiness.

Classic Small to Medium Breed and Large to Giant Breed Puppy, Adult and Senior available in 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 25kg bags. Classic Kitten available in 1kg and 3kg bags. Classic Adult Cat available in 1kg, 3kg, 5kg and 25kg bags.

Montego Classic Small Breed Puppy Food Range



Montego Classic Large Breed Puppy Food Range



Montego Classic Adult Dog Food Range



Montego Classic Senior Dog Food Range



Small Breed Puppy Food Range
Why should my puppy’s breed influence my choice of puppy food?
Because puppies must eat today for the dogs they’ll be tomorrow…
The journey from puppy to adulthood is a special and crucial time in a dog’s life. Feeding a puppy incorrectly could affect their health in a number of ways, including obesity and malnutrition. So, before deciding on a food for your new pup (as well as just how much to feed them), you must consider the weight they’ll be when fully grown. Breeds vary in both growth rates and mature weights. So when it’s time to eat, pups need a diet, rich in the essential ingredients required to grow happily into the dog they’ll eventually become.
Every day, Montego pets and owners throughout South Africa depend on Montego Classic for energy,
well-being and happiness because every bite contains:
26.5% Protein for
strong bones.

Builds muscles and promotes healthy growth for ideal body condition and
all-round performance.
Vitamin C & E for
immune support.

Added vitamins fight free radicals, developing strong immune systems and promoting daily cell renewal.
12% Fat for
abundant energy.

Extra fat gives puppies the necessary energy they need every day and nourishes their growing bodies!
Calcium & small-bite kibbles
for little teeth.

The added Calcium in our small-bite, crunchy kibbles help to maintain all-round oral health for growing pups.
Highly digestible ingredients
for digestive health.

Meats and good carbohydrate sources are highly digestible, providing all the stamina and vitality growing pups need.
Antioxidants & essential nutrients for overall well-being.
Contains antioxidants, essential nutrients and minerals that puppies need for strong bones, teeth and muscles.
Montego Classic Small Breed Puppy Ingredients