Super-premium nutrition for puppies & adult dogs.

TOP-QUALITY nutrition for dogs of all ages.

TOP-QUALITY nutrition for cats of all ages.

Makes nutritious meals EXTRA DELICIOUS MEALS!

AFFORDABLE, HIGH-QUALITY nutrition for puppies & adult dogs.

WAGTASTICALLY nutritious treats for deserving dogs.

Wholesome goodness. From our family, to yours.

Pool time! ... See MoreSee Less

Pool time ! 🐶

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My boerbull lost a lot of weight within two weeka because of thus food... Very dissapointed 😕 ... See MoreSee Less

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Master of disguise. ... See MoreSee Less

Dog or ball of fluff?

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I have been feeding my dogs Montego adult for over 3 years now and when we got our puppy we fed her the puppy until she graduated to big dog food. In all this time we have only had one problem when there were two or three bags that obviously didn't taste as good as my dogs refused to eat them. That was sorted out with Montego wit speed and a smile.
Yesterday I went and bought my normal 25kg of adult classic and it was duly opened and deposited into the storage container as normal by my housekeeper. However when I came to feed my fur babies this morning I find the size was wrong and my usually full box was nowhere near as full. On closer inspection it looks like puppy has been packed into adult bags. Not a problem you say, but with three Labradors to feed it will not last me the normal 3 weeks it should.
It then becomes a problem as I am a pensioner and this month me dog food bill has grown.
Can you please check your packing plant so it doesn't happen. Thank you.
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Vet comforting puppy after surgery. ... See MoreSee Less

This puppy was so scared when she woke up after surgery — but a really sweet vet was there to make her feel safe 🐶💕💕 (listen with sound 🔉)

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